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    • Biopsy principle and pitfalls // Dr. Mohammed AlSobeai, Dr. Mohammad Altayeb & Hatem Khoja ----- Management of metastatic bone lesion; what to do and when to refer? // Dr. Ibrahim Muftiri & Zaki Alhifzi -- 16 May at 10:00PM

    • Managing Margin in Oncology patients; planned margins (positive margins) vs wide Margins // Dr. Lee Jeys, Ibrahim Alshaygy & A. Bobseit ----- Treatment of benign pathological fracture // Dr. Ibrahim Muftiri & Rayan Alarabi -- 06 Jun at 09:00PM

    • Bone graft vs Cement in GCT; which is better? // Dr. Mahmood Shaheen & Emad Alebsi ----- Infection in orthopedic oncology patients, causes and how to reduce it // Dr. Wazzan AlJuhani, Hesham Abdelbary & Omar Alrifai -- 13 Jun 09:00PM


Course Organiser

Dr. Ibrahim Alshaygy MD. MHSc.

Orthopaedic Consultant Musculoskeletal Oncology & Adult Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Course Organiser

Dr. Mohammed Alsobeai, MBBS

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Oncology and lower limb reconstruction

Course Organiser

Dr. Abdulrahman Bobseit, MD

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Oncology and reconstruction

Dr. Wazzan Aljuhani. MD, FRCSC

Orthopedic consultant, National Guard Health Affairs SOA, Oncology Chapter Chairman

Dr. Ibrahim AlMuftiri MD, SBOS

Consultant orthopedic fellowship of Musculoskeletal oncology & limb preservation surgeries University of Ottawa Aseer Central hospital, Abha, KSA

Dr. Mahmood Shaheen, MD, ABOS

Chairman Department of Orthopedic Surgery Director of MSK oncology Fellowship Training Program Assistant Professor AlFaisal University

Dr Emad Al Absi

Consultant orthopedic Oncology surgeon King Fahad specialist hospital

Dr Lee Jeys, MD

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Musculoskeletal oncology

Dr Hatim A. Khoja, MD

Consultant Anatomic Pathologist Bone & Soft Tissue / Head & Neck Pathology King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Mohammad Altayeb,MBBS, SB-Orth

Fellow MSK Oncology KFSH&RC

Dr. Zaki AlHifzi, MBBS

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Arthroplasty and MSK oncology Aseer central hospital, Abha

Dr Hesham Abdulbary MD, FRCSC

Consultant orthopedic surgeon Musculoskeletal oncology

Dr. Omar Alrifai, MBBS

Fellow MSK oncology, KFSH & RC

Dr. Rayan Alarabi, MD

Orthopedic consultant