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Important Information & Dates:

  • Conference Category:  Online Conference.
  • CME Hours:                  25 CME Hrs.
  • Save the dates:            11-18 Dec. 2022


About the Event:

The updated guidelines to manage Chronic Diseases in different subspecialties that will help medical practitioners who deal with these diseases better manage their patients.

Target Audience:

For all Health Care Providers:
  • Medicine and Surgery.
  • Nursing and Midwifery.
  • Laboratories and Medical Technology.
  • Technicians and Health Assistants.
  • Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians.
  • Dentistry and Related Specialties.
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation.
  • Health Administration and Community and Community Health.


  • Diseases seen in different Medical and surgical Subspecialties in medicine that are commonly managed by primary care physicians.
  • Apply updated internationally recognized guidelines for diagnosing common chronic diseases managed by primary physicians.
  • Formulate a rational management plan for patients with chronic diseases managed by primary care physicians.
  • Develop prevention plans, including health education and behavioral change strategies of common chronic diseases in different subspecialties.
  • Discuss complications of chronic diseases and how to manage them appropriately.
  • Discuss when to refer patient from the primary care office to different subspecialties.
  • Discuss common general surgery presentation such as (anal disorders, biliary disorders and breast lumps) and identify the proper investigation tools to diagnose and treat them or refer them to the specialist if necessary.
  • Discuss the role of nursing in managing patients with multiple readmissions for chronic disease such as DM, chronic kidney diseases and epilepsy.