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In this Modules you will learn Counterstrain technique, developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones, and its application to the entire body. This body of work is indirect and patient passive, and as such, is particularly useful for patients in acute pain.

Facilitated Positional Release developed by Dr. Stanley Schiowitz and Dr. Eileen DiGiovanna will enhance skills learned in Counterstrain to make an improved armamentarium of soft techniques applicable in nearly any situation.

Lastly, we will incorporate Functional Technique, developed by Dr. William Johnston, which will give the operator the ability to balance motor units using subtle motions and breath.

Learning Objectives:

  • Counterstrain I - Cervical, Thorax, Lumbar & Sacrum
  • Counterstrain II - Ribcage, Abdomen & Pelvis
  • Counterstrain III - Shoulder, Upper & Lower Extremities
  • Still Technique Theory & Application
  • Functional Technique Theory
  • Functional Technique Application to the Spine
  • Functional Technique Application to the Extremities
  • Discriminating Jones' Points versus Trigger Points
  • Evaluation of Major versus Minor Jones' Points

Our training center :