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Important Information About the Course:

  • Course Category:       Online Course.
  • Save the dates:           30 May. - 4 Jun. 2023

Target Audience:

  • All general surgery residents and medical interns interested in surgery.
  • Residents preparing for GS part 1 exam, as we cover the surgical anatomy part of the exam. 
  • Residents preparing for GS final board exam, as we cover the common surgical procedures.
  • Residents preparing for GS promotion exam. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Surgical anatomy and practical steps for the common surgical procedures. 
  • Surgical anatomy lectures cover important landmarks, anatomical variations and associated vascular anatomy. 
  • Common MCQs will be discussed at the end of each anatomy lecture.
  • Surgical procedure lectures provide clear practical steps for each procedure, pitfalls and related techniques.